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Siddhivinayak Engineering Classes offers specialized coaching in diploma & various engineering disciplines, ensuring academic excellence.

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Founded with a vision to groom engineering talents, we provide top-tier coaching in diploma and degree courses.

Diploma and Degree Engineering Coaching
Internship Programs for all Branches
Seminars and Workshops for Development
Counseling for Admission Process of Diploma and Degree

Our Offerings

Discover our wide range of engineering coaching services


Internship Program

Our Internship Program offers hands-on experience, mentorship, and industry insights.


Diploma Courses

Get hands-on training and in-depth knowledge in various engineering disciplines.


Degree Programs

Pursue higher education in engineering with our comprehensive degree programs.

Specialized Training

Specialized Training

Enhance your skills in fields like auto, civil, computer, and electronics.

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Student Success Stories

Discover what students say about our engineering coaching.

Ajay vijay lad
Ajay vijay lad
This is a perfect class for enginnering. Proper scheduled classes with supportive faculty
Tejal Karanje
Tejal Karanje
All the facilities are really helpful and takes personal time to make your understand everything and always ready to even in the night... And provides all the notes and books for thes studies which helped me a lot in the exams...
Akash Anil Dhumal
Akash Anil Dhumal
very nice class.....Sir is on time ..and there no wasteage of time in class...and portion is completed one month before exam...sir teaching is very excellent..If you are form Mechanical then please go
Supportive teachers
Nawaz Khan
Nawaz Khan
Best in the west

Unlock Your Engineering Potential

Join us to experience personalized coaching and achieve your engineering ambitions.


Comprehensive Coaching

Offering specialized coaching in various engineering disciplines, focusing on JEE/NEET preparation to ensure students excel in competitive exams.


Expert Faculty

Dedicated and experienced faculty members who provide personalized attention and guidance to help students reach their full potential.


Prime Location

Located strategically, Siddhivinayak Engineering Classes offers a conducive learning environment that enhances the educational experience of students.

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